Coloration concerns are as varied and unique as the patients who have them. To remove sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and even permanent tattoos, providers need purpose-built technology that delivers remarkable results. 

MediYag is the product of meticulous research, combining the consistent advantages of Q-switched Nd:Yag devices with enhancements that allow the best possible patient and provider experience. It’s powerful, fast, and adjustable, so practitioners can effectively address pigment problems. Intuitive intensity settings and comfortable design make treatments trouble-free.

A perfect balance of intensity and ease: That’s why MediYag is the best Q-switched Nd:Yag device in medical aesthetics.


tattoos and hyperpigmentation

with MediYag


– 10in touchscreen user interface

– 1064nm/532nm wavelengths

– 5ns pulse width: Ideal and proven pulse width for tattoo removal

– 1.3 Joule max output and 2.6 Joule output with Double Pulse Mode

– 2mm-10mm adjustable spot size

– Articulating arm to counterweight

– 110V line requirement

– Oscillator and amplifier laser cavity on optical bench:

  • Sliding KTP crystal stage for 532nm
  • Both laser cavities are excited by a single flashlamp, increasing efficiency and lowering service costs 

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