the IPL

IPL technology offers value, utility and accessibility that most other energy-based aesthetic devices can’t touch. With an expansive list of non-invasive treatment applications, IPLs are essential in any clinic. For a device this important, practitioners can’t compromise on quality.

That’s why we made MediLight.

MediLight gives practitioners the control they need to deliver consistently spectacular results. Its adjustable pulse duration allows for customization and one-of-a-kind treatments, and unlike other manufacturers, we made MediLight all-inclusive: It comes complete with multiple filters for what you need, plus a hair removal handpiece.

No costly add-ons.

No fees for more modalities.

Just an exceptional IPL.


– 15in touchscreen user interface

AHR (Advanced Hair Reduction) and SR handpieces

– 10hz diode laser heats hair follicles to 40 °C

  • AHR precoated filter on sapphire for hair reduction treatment
  • SR handpiece has 5 interchangeable filters for different treatments
  • Filters for SR: 480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, 690nm

– SR mode has Photon Pulse Train technology with up to 6 sub-pulses per pulse.

  • This allows for thermal relaxation time on surrounding tissues for a better treatment outcome.

– AHR mode 1-10Hz repetition rate

– 12mm by 50mm spot size

TEC cooled sapphire

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