CO2 laser treatments deliver dramatic results that other devices just can’t match. Practitioners employ this robust technology to treat significant signs of aging, laxity, scarring, photodamage, and other challenging conditions. But when it comes to reliability, many CO2 manufacturers fizzle out too fast.

MediCO provides the powerful performance that practitioners expect in a CO2 laser device, but we’ve elevated the technology for better results and durability. It’s more efficient, more effective, and lasts exponentially longer than other CO2 devices, thanks to our advanced engineering.

From simple resurfacing to full ablative treatments, MediCO is the CO2 device for practitioners who are serious about results.


complete control

with MediCO


– 10,600nm wavelength

– 10in touchscreen user interface

– RF-excited metal tube (instead of a glass tube that is excited by DC voltage)

– Bipolar RF handpiece with 6 contact points

– Metal tubes last longer without needing to be re-gassed every 2-3 years

– RF-excited tubes provide a lower tolerance of energy output fluctuation

– Fully air-cooled device and tube: No need for antifreeze or Fluorinert coolant.

– 40W Energy output

– Up to 3,000-micron depth on resurfacing scanner

– Full fractional scanner with 7 different patterns and pattern size up to 20mm

– Fractional, surgical, and vaginal modes

– CW, SW

– 110V line requirement

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