How Do Laser Devices Treat Signs of Aging?

Aesthetic practitioners love laser and IPL devices because they comprehensively address every sign of aging, including:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Laxity & loss of firmness

  • Texture & tone concerns

While the visible signs of aging may differ by severity and type across every patient profile, the anti-aging marketplace is thriving, and demand for these treatments is projected to increase. Fortunately, nearly any aging skin concern is treatable with the right technology. Read on to learn the indications and comparisons of energy-based devices for anti-aging treatments. 

Lasers and IPLs: Energy-based devices for fine lines and wrinkles

Do your patients want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while boosting their skin’s radiance? Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments maximize skin rejuvenation while addressing issues like discoloration

and laxity for comprehensive anti-aging performance.

Many of these laser devices heat the darker cells in age spots and veins beneath the skin, treating more than fine lines and wrinkles: They also target sun damage, acne, liver spots, and other pigmentation problems. 

IPLs work similarly well; often used for photo-rejuvenation, reducing hyperpigmentation, and eliminating enlarged pores, plus the added advantage of treating fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lasers and IPLs: Aesthetic Solutions for skin tightening

Lasers and IPLs are leading technologies in restoring skin firmness, elasticity, and bounce. These energy-based devices fire various colors and strengths of light, depending on their modality. This targets areas of laxity, boosting and tightening the skin. 

Many of these modalities also stimulate collagen and elastin production, ensuring enhanced firmness and elasticity over the long-term.

Lasers and IPLs: Effective treatments for skin texture

Energy-based aesthetic devices are great solutions for skin texture troubles. The technology combats visibly uneven texture by directing powerful light energy into dermal layers. As a result, devices like the MediCO, MediYag, and even our MediSpa rejuvenate skin by creating a smoother, even texture.

Types of Lasers used in Anti-Aging Treatments

1. Nd:YAG Laser

Nd:YAG lasers like our Q-switched MediYag shine when it comes to anti-aging treatments. The MediYag targets specific pigments, selectively destroying calls to combat coloration problems. 

Top benefits of YAG lasers include:

  • Precision targeting

  • Integrating treatment improves skin sagging, wrinkles, and pores 

  • Can treat pigment issues and telangiectasia simultaneously

  • Strong wavelengths facilitate effectiveness

  • Excellent for carbon facials: A great rejuvenation procedure to improve both skin tone and texture


  • Low risk of side effects

  • Can also be used for tattoo removal, hair removal, and other applications

  • Great for body treatments as well as face


  • May not be suitable across all skin types or concerns

  • Requires multiple treatments for significant results

  • May cause some discomfort in some patients

2. CO2 Laser

CO2 laser devices like our MediCO are revolutionizing the field of anti-aging treatments, delivering impressive results by leveraging the body’s natural rejuvenation processes. Not only is this technology highly effective, but CO2 laser devices also provide less disruption compared to more invasive methods. They’re also more consistent and reliable than harsher alternatives like the traditional chemical peel.

Top features of CO2 lasers:

  • Consistently effective, proven results

  • Flexibility: Can be used on a range of issues from wrinkles to acne scars 

  • Adjustable across the spectrum of severity

  • Improves overall skin texture, laxity, and tone

  • Promotes collagen renewal within skin’s extracellular matrix

  • Effectively treats all skin types, including darker skin tones that have often been overlooked with other modalities


  • They stimulate cell renewal

  • Highly effective against many concerns, including deeper wrinkles and pigmentation problems

  • Ability to deliver dramatic improvement vs other modalities

  • Results are long-lasting


  • Possible risk of side effects, including thermal damage to the dermis

  • Certain treatments may cause minimal discomfort

  • Not suitable for all skin types or indications

3. Intense Pulsed Light

IPLs like our MediLight work wonders addressing difficult age spots, broken blood vessels, and other age-related skin issues by directing selective light energy onto treatment areas. 

Top IPL features include:

  • Acclaimed effectiveness for pigmentation and sun-damaged skin

  • Excellent for reducing other tone issues like brown spots and redness

  • Dependable brightening results

  • Proven track record over the years


  • Safely treats both skin discoloration and laxity

  • Non-ablative technology is less intense, thereby minimizing risk of damage or downtime

  • Versatile for practitioners: Effective not just for anti-aging, but also for acne and laser hair removal


  • May not be suitable for all skin types

  • Potential expense for the patient, depending on the number of sessions needed

4. Facial Rejuvenation

Our MediSpa seven-modality rejuvenation device delivers unparalleled facial rejuvenation, which is a great non-surgical treatment that helps erase signs of aging and improves overall skin radiance. It serves as an effective alternative to more invasive procedures.

Top facial rejuvenation benefits:

  • Improves overall skin texture, laxity, and tone

  • Can be used to encourage multiple bookings as part of a wellness routine

  • Instant, visible results

  • Can be marketed uniquely, such as a pre-party treatment


  • Highly customizable across different skin concerns

  • Proven results over time plus instant radiance

  • Painless and completely non-invasive

  • High success rate against signs of aging, specifically wrinkles and laxity

  • Suitable for every skin type


  • Potential side effects for some skin types or levels of sensitivity

  • Requires multiple sessions for continued results

  • May cause temporary redness

  • Effectiveness varies by individual


Remind your patients that consistency is key. Depending on the treatment and modality, their skin might not show drastic changes after the first session, but assure them the improvement will be visible over time – as long as they can adhere to regular sessions in their treatment plan. 


Whichever device you choose and whichever concern you’re treating, Medicreations has the aesthetic technology to help tackle anti-aging issues. Talk to a specialist today to learn more about our selection of devices that turn back the clock.