Complete contract manufacturing with Medicreations

Product launches are demanding and complex. From product design to testing to storage logistics, it’s a massive undertaking for any organization, no matter what resources are at their disposal.

But Medicreations can help your company establish branded, best-in-class technology – under your own label. Whether you are an agent, representative, distributor, or entrepreneur ready to engage with a rapidly-growing industry, our skilled engineers and specialists will work by your side.

With the technical knowledge and attentive support of Medicreations, you can successfully introduce your own custom-label device to the market – fast.


With an extensive portfolio of IP-QC and regulatory concepts and devices ready to activate, Medicreations is the head start your business needs. Our services include every phase of the process, including:

  • Design
  • Prototypes
  • In-House testing (EMC)
  • Manufacturing
  • Regulatory management, including FDA submissions
  • Operation and education materials
  • Shipping and storage logistics (Direct shipping to your clients)
  • Service options
  • Extended warranty for clients
  • Part or full IP rights (to the extent of the contract)

Uncompromising quality. Accessible pricing. Efficient turnaround.

And it all happens in the USA - right in our FDA-compliant facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here for you