At medicreations,


So we formed a division dedicated to developing enhanced medical technology.

We prioritize efficacy and reliability. Our devices are made with top-quality components and evaluated under rigorous quality assurance testing. Our production facility features a full ISO 7 cleanroom to reduce air particulate matter. It’s all part of a process that gives us the ability to meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals – when it matters most.

Along with our lineup of advanced ventilation devices, we have numerous medical technologies in development. These include 4D ultrasound devices for the brain, wound healing solutions, treatments for prostate enlargement, and dental equipment.


Flexible. Portable. Reliable.

Our ICU-grade ventilator has versatility for adult and pediatric respiratory care. It is equipped with non-invasive and invasive settings, plus sophisticated automation features. We created MediVent to support practitioners, so its functionality includes patient monitoring, alarm settings, and swappable filters, as well as automatic tidal volume calculation. Customization capabilities are easily controlled from an intuitive touchscreen interface. An integrated backup battery can maintain equipment function in case of any sudden power failures.

MediVent can use a dedicated oxygen supply or air from the environment. Its high-performance turbine motor can operate independent of its software, allowing it to provide breathing assistance even in the unlikely event of a software crash.

MediVent empowers practitioners to provide the best possible critical care.


– 10,600nm wavelength

– 10in touchscreen user interface

– RF-excited metal tube (instead of a glass tube that is excited by DC voltage)

– Bipolar RF handpiece with 6 contact points

– Metal tubes last longer without needing to be re-gassed every 2-3 years

– RF-excited tubes provide a lower tolerance of energy output fluctuation

– Fully air-cooled device and tube: No need for antifreeze or Fluorinert coolant.

– 40W Energy output

– Up to 3,000-micron depth on resurfacing scanner

– Full fractional scanner with 7 different patterns and pattern size up to 20mm

– Fractional, surgical, and vaginal modes

– CW, SW

– 110V line requirement

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here for you