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Laser hair removal is an essential treatment at any aesthetic clinic. But devices with inefficient engineering can cause awkward operation, leading to unsatisfactory results. Plus, many devices cannot treat all skin types, thus excluding some patients from this profitable and popular service.

That’s why we made MediDiode: A revolution in laser hair removal.

With exceptional power and cutting-edge diode laser technology, MediDiode allows practitioners to easily address the treatment area with constant motion, eliminating the troublesome lifting and stamping motions used by other technologies while reducing treatment times to mere minutes.

Treat more patients, faster.

With better results.

That’s MediDiode.


– Treats all six skin types

– 12x12mm spot size

– 10hz diode laser heats hair follicles to 40 °C

– 1.3 Joule max output and 2.6 Joule output with Double Pulse Mode

– Power: 2000 W

– Pulse Width of 2-200ms

– 1,200 watts

– 808 nm wavelength

– Cooling temp: 0-20° C

– 15 inch touchscreen user interface

– Hi-output HVPS provides constant current to the diode to produce stable energy output at high rep rate and high Joules

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