Laser hair removal: A treatment too popular for aesthetic professionals to ignore.

There’s no doubt about it: Laser hair removal has secured its spot as one of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments on the planet. People all over the globe are receiving this service, and it’s only going to increase in popularity. In fact, some industry analysts project that the global laser hair removal market size will reach $2.8 billion by 2028, with exponential year-over-year growth as the treatment trends upward.  

The global popularity and universal appeal of permanent hair reduction

The reasons behind laser hair removal’s widespread global popularity are varied, but primarily practical. For starters, many people find eliminating unwanted or excess hair to be a lifelong nuisance: Razors, creams, waxes and other methods are only temporary solutions. They’re also time-consuming, tedious, and costly over the long term.

Additionally, unwanted hair of some kind is a nearly universal concern; this means laser hair removal appeals to almost any demographic regardless of skin tone, age, gender, or other distinguishing traits and characteristics

The evolution of laser hair removal equipment is also a consideration: With the advancement of dedicated energy-based aesthetic devices, the technology behind laser hair removal is now safe for most areas on the body, and it’s become easier and more accessible than ever before.

Thus, many individuals turn to laser treatments as a means of effectively removing hair in a long-lasting way. And for professionals with medspas, skincare clinics, or dermatology practices, that broad and increasing demand represents an undeniable opportunity. 

How do Diode laser devices work?

While several kinds of devices and tools are available to practitioners, the emerging aesthetic industry favorite for permanent hair reduction is diode technology. Diode laser machines work by targeting hair with a single light wavelength, heating the melanin that surrounds hair follicles. The follicles are then successfully destroyed without damaging surrounding skin tissue. It’s effective, fast, and painless.

More powerful, not more painful. 

Many patients are concerned about discomfort during hair removal treatments. Medical aesthetic companies have developed some methods to minimize pain as the technology evolves, and this has undoubtedly contributed to laser hair removal’s increase in popularity. 

At Medicreation, our MediDiode is designed with a chilled tip to protect the epidermal layer and provide optimal safety during treatment. Additionally, MediDiode’s enhanced power means it can operate at nearly four times the strength of many other laser hair removal devices, so it quickly heats up any hair follicle to 40° C in seconds. This balance of speed and power allows the MediDiode to eliminate hair efficiently and instantly. 

Stamping vs Painting: Which is better for Diode laser devices?

Many laser hair removal devices rely on a stamping mode – this refers to the movement required by practitioners during operation of the device. With a stamping style of operation, a clinician activates the laser on a single spot within the treatment area, then lifts the handpiece and repeats the action in a grid pattern until the area is completed. While some professionals prefer this style, many find it tiresome, inconvenient, and awkward. Stamping is often necessary because conventional lasers simply don’t have the power to eliminate hair in one quick pass. That’s why stamping may increase the likelihood of patient discomfort and irritation. Burning hair odors are also often reported.   

With a painting mode, practitioners can swiftly move the device’s handpiece of target areas in one smooth, gliding motion. We designed the MediDiode to operate this way after thorough research – patients get better results with less risk of pain, and practitioners are able to perform their treatments more efficiently. 

Diode devices: Laser hair removal for all skin types

Many aesthetic clinicians are hindered by hair removal devices that only treat a limited range of skin types – in fact, they often need to invest in two different devices so they can service patients across the full spectrum. However, Diode laser devices can safely treat any skin type. Our MediDiode features 808nm wavelength technology that allows practitioners to treat all six skin types.

Why MediDiode: Peace of mind for practitioners and patients alike.

We saw the many advantages of diode lasers as a key modality for hair removal, and then we took it further. With MediDiode, every treatment session can be effortlessly completed in under 20 minutes. That’s how we fast-track ROI for practitioners. 

It’s important for aesthetic professionals to consider service and support when they’re researching device manufacturers. Like our other devices, MediDiode is backed by unparalleled customer service – and since each device comes with a 2-year warranty, practitioners can be confident in their investment. 

MediDiode is the best technology, developed by the best manufacturer, backed by the best support. That is Medicreations’ promise.