Finally, A Medical & Aesthetic Device Manufacturer That's On Your Side.

Sick of the status quo? So are we.


Be The Most Amazing Partners For Your Practice You’ll Ever Have.

Two decades of combined experience with the largest medical & aesthetic device brands have taught us that the status-quo is flat-out wrong.


The exploitive pricing. The high-pressure sales tactics. The profit-trumps-all design philosophy. Everything is constructed to ensure that they win. Even if you don’t. Our approach is different.


We build medical-grade devices that require as little upkeep as possible. We get them into the hands of practitioners who actually need them, at exactly the prices they are worth. And we ensure the entire process is as honest, helpful, and transparent as we can possibly make it. That’s it.

Great Symphonies Need A Proper Orchestra.

Imagine you had no limits. That you could use your absolute fullest ability to make your patients feel as amazing as they should. Could you do that all with a single device?

So many brilliant practitioners are limited by their resources, and spend years trying to put together the tools needed to offer comprehensive treatment. They shouldn’t have to.

We offer affordably-priced suites of medical-grade devices so that anyone can offer complete treatment packages from the get-go. Not years from now. Immediately.

Because it’s not just about auto-injection technology or high-power lasers – it’s about helping patients become the very best version of themselves. Only when you have multiple devices working as one, synergizing and enhancing, can you conduct a proper performance.


(And Have a Few of Our Own)

Our #1 priority when we speak with you isn’t to sell you a device. It’s to listen. Where are you based? Who are your patients? What does your team look like?

We help people understand the science behind our creations, and also educate them on the exact conditions they can be most effective. Our top priority is figuring out if a Medicreations device can help take your practice to the next level.

If you want to find out, just click below.