In the world of skincare, med spas, and rejuvenating facial treatments, there are numerous devices purported to be of the highest quality that are targeted toward today’s esthetician. While many of these devices may indeed perform the way they are intended, there are many factors to consider when making a purchase for your business.

When you’re deciding between professional facial machines, not only do you need to satisfy the client, you need to make sound, long-term financial decisions for your business. In this respect, not all professional facial machines for estheticians fit the bill.

Top Features To Research When Shopping For Facial Machines

The devices your business purchases must satisfy your patients’ desires, your technicians’ needs, and also make financial sense. Here are several features that you may not have considered while deciding which facial machines your business should invest in.

Improves Facial Skin And Muscles

Even a very basic device must perform one specific function well. At the very minimum, whatever device you consider must improve the appearance of your client’s skin, whether you’re shopping for gentle exfoliation devices, facial tightening devices, or anything in between. An adequate facial machine will be able to penetrate the skin, stimulating muscles or the skin’s natural collagen production. For example, IPL photo facial machines must be able to send the correct frequency of light to the correct layer of skin. These machines need to use the correct type of light and yet remain non-invasive. Always check the documented clinical efficacy of a device before you purchase it.

Brief Patient Recovery Time

Your clients have decided to come to you for their skin rejuvenation procedures for specific reasons. Your brand makes them feel safe and comfortable, but there is a more practical reason that they would choose a med spa over a plastic surgeon. They are seeking non-invasive treatments primarily because they want a short recovery time with minimal aftercare. It’s important to find manufacturers that offer facial devices for estheticians that result in minimal recovery time.

Boosts Collagen Production

When clients come to you seeking a procedure they often ask for something that will reverse the signs of aging. This is a euphemism for tighter, lifted skin without wrinkles. Over time, our skin loses some of its elasticity. As you may very well know, human skin can be encouraged to produce more collagen and elastin with the correct treatment, thus tightening and lifting the skin. This occurs because the mitochondria (the power supply of the cell) in our skin cells are stimulated by the treatment and then direct the cell to produce more collagen. Facial machines for estheticians should be effective in stimulating the production of collagen.

A Complete Skin Care Solution

Clients want treatments that achieve their desired skin goals without having to sit through several different procedures. Make sure that any facial machine you purchase provides a total skin-perfecting solution, as opposed to needing more than one machine to complete the treatment. There are also plenty of devices that offer multiple facial treatments, targetingsuch as reduced wrinkle visibility, increased blood circulation, acne treatment, and increased collagen production. It’s cost-effective to purchase a single facial device that can improve the skin in multiple ways., this way you have fewer devices that can conduct many treatments.

Ease of Use

While it may seem obvious, you’ll want to purchase a machine that is easy to use. Some facial machines for estheticians can be finicky, difficult to maneuver, or require extensive, expensive training. This can cause fatigue in your estheticians, be an annoyance to your clients, or, even worse, can lead to the machine being used incorrectly. In order to keep your customers’ trust, the esthetician must provide a calm and gentle demeanor. When a machine is difficult to adjust or a display is difficult to understand, you may lose your focus and cause some clients to lose confidence in your services. These machines must be ergonomic, well made, and intuitive to use. Well-designed machines allow you to focus on providing your client with a great experience.

Breadth of Patient Type

When purchasing professional facial machines, facial microcurrent devices, or facial tightening devices, you’ll want to make sure that they are suitable for the widest spectrum of clientele. This means you’ll need to find devices and products that work for lighter skin tones as well as darker complexions. You’ll need devices safe for those with rosacea or acne. As busy professionals will attest, there are many people with sensitive skin. Luckily, there are devices that are suitable for a wide variety of skin types. These are the types of devices you should be investing in so that your business will be known as one that welcomes everyone.

Little To No Consumables

There are plenty of companies that create reliable facial machines for estheticians. However, many of these devices require the use of the specific cosmetic active substances, tubing, cotton pads, or other consumables that the company produces. In this way, these companies hold the user as a hostage of sorts, forcing them to purchase a specific hyaluronic acid or other materials that need to be changed between each client. These products are often overpriced , underproductive, and unnecessary.

At Medicreations, we have a moral conflict with this practice and believe most manufacturers use consumables as a way to continually find reasons to bill the med spa. At Medicreations, we have designed our machines to operate without the need to order specific consumables unless absolutely needed for hygienic or technical purposes.

Complimentary Free Training

When you are a professional in the health and beauty industry, you know how important it is to renew your training on a regular basis. You need to refresh training, as well as educate yourself on new types of treatments and devices so that you can provide excellent consultation and service to your clients. But these conferences, training seminars, and professional demonstrations can be quite cost-prohibitive. Most training courses for devices cost thousands of dollars and can really impact your business costs. Some companies charge you a second or third time for follow-up education.

This is why Medicreations offers free training for all of our devices with purchase, including facial machines for estheticians, so that you can focus on your professional growth rather than your expenses. We are also available to answer your questions regarding proper use of our devices and methods whenever you need clarification.

Has a Warranty

Many professional facial machines for estheticians do come with a limited warranty. Typically, these warranties only last for one year and many are not all-inclusive. Usually, there is an option to extend that warranty, but this will come at a large expense.

In this regard, Medicreations has set ourselves apart from our competitors. We offer a two year warranty which covers parts, labor, and a replacement device if deemed necessary. We utilize video conferencing to first diagnose and possibly fix any issue with our devices remotely. This saves you time and money. If we find that a repair is necessary, we’ll accept the device at our Las Vegas facility or, if needed, we’ll send one of our highly skilled technicians out to you to repair the issue.

Built In America

So many businesses utilize manufacturing centers overseas. We’re proud to say we manufacture our products here in the United States. This not only benefits our employees, but the professionals who have trusted us to manufacture some of the best quality professional aesthetic devices on the market today. We are regulated by the FDA and our manufacturing processes are streamlined to be efficient and cost-effective. By remaining in the U.S., we are able to provide speedy shipment and offer a personalized client experience. We are very proud to be one of the very few American aesthetic device manufacturers to build their devices in the country, and we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Ideally, you’ll want to stick to manufacturers who build their machines in the U.S., because then you’ll know you’re getting high-quality, products built in an FDA-compliant facility.FDA-audited products.

Reliable And Affordable Professional Facial Machines For Estheticians Built In The U.S.

At Medicreations, we pride ourselves on disrupting the typical relationship between med spa owners and facial machine manufacturers. We provide our clients with reliable, affordable, and expertly-designed aesthetic devices and offer competitive warranty services from our factory  headquarters here in the U.S. Our goal is to offer honest and consistent customer service long after you have made your purchase. Like you, we are in the business of creating relationships with our clients.

We know that we have a lot to offer you. Here is a quick overview of just some of the benefits of doing business with Medicreations, as well as a primer on our two top-selling facial machines for estheticians.

  • Affordable prices
  • Made in the USA
  • Machines that are designed to use less consumables
  • Robust 2-year warranty
  • Devices that are multi-use and serve a diverse client base
  • Free professional training on each device purchased
  • Facial machines for estheticians who desire durable, quality devices


The Medispa is a technologically advanced device that delivers seven different types of skin rejuvenation treatments. This device provides non-invasive treatments that are very effective. Clients love that their skin can be improved easily and quickly. Estheticians love that these seven treatments can be performed with the purchase of just one machine.

  • Seven possible treatments
  • Hot/Cold Wand for soothing and tightening of skin, aiding in product absorption, and reduction of undereye puffiness
  • Enriched Oxygen Capsule exfoliates the skin and kills bacteria without the need for harsh microdermabrasion
  • Aqua peel tool for extractions and lifting dead skin cells off to reveal a smooth, new surface
  • Electro-IONon Tool which sends a low-level microcurrent to the skin, encouraging collagen production
  • Ultrasound Wand to encourage collagen production and skin tightening
  • Bi-Polar Radio Frequency Wand to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Oxygen Infusion Tool to replenish and smoothen the skin, while giving your client a fresh glow

This device will provide your customers with the exact non-invasive treatments that they are looking for. These procedures are highly effective with wonderful results and require no downtime or recovery. Your patients will appreciate that they are able to return to work and normal life immediately after receiving treatment.


This is our version of the IPL device. Our MediLight device allows for the esthetician to control the pulses frequency of light applied to the skin in order to target specific skin issues. This is a popular device for both men and women, as it targets skin problems that many people wish to alleviate.

  • Treats acne and fades hyperpigmentation
  • Reverses the signs of sun damage on skin
  • Effective hair removal
  • No additional add-ons or consumables
  • Longer-lasting filter lifespan

These photo facial devices are an invaluable asset to any med spa team that wants to broaden its client base. Our IPL device will help your clients reverse the tell-tale signs of aging by boosting collagen production, removing unwanted hair, and creating an even skin tone.

Shopping For Facial Machines For Estheticians?

There are many possibilities to consider when deciding to invest in a professional facial machine. We hope that the above-mentioned list of features will help you to make a better, more informed decision for your business regarding which facial machine for estheticians you should invest in. If you’d like more detailed information regarding our highly advanced devices, please download one of our brochures. These brochures will give you a better idea of the range of devices that we have available.