Whether you’re considering used esthetician equipment and devices because you have just opened your practice or you’re unsure if a device will provide a return on investment, money is a factor.

We completely understand.

Unfortunately, most reputable medical aesthetics companies price their devices in the $120K-$300K range (excluding the cost of training and consumables), making them daunting investments for the average business. This is why used esthetician equipment seems like an attractive way to lower your investment.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even though used devices are easily found on eBay, Amazon, and other reseller sites, it is a risk to purchase second-hand medical devices. It isn’t safe for your patients and it isn’t a financially responsible decision for your business. Even if a used device fits your budget and even if someone on your team knows how to use it, you’d still run the risk of purchasing defective or dangerous equipment.

Research Before You Buy

Taking the time to conduct adequate research when shopping for devices is imperative. You’ll need to compare and contrast prices and features of cosmetic medical devices from different medical aesthetics companies, but you’ll also have to compare and contrast those companies, too.

Be sure to look for devices that are backed with a warranty, use few to no consumables, and produce awesome results that can be proven with patient pictures and customer reviews.

Realities of Buying Used Esthetician Equipment

There are several serious risks to purchasing a used device from an online reseller or another business owner. Be aware that one or more of the following situations may happen if you make this decision.

You’re not buying it from a manufacturer and, therefore, don’t know if it’s authentic.

When you purchase a used device, you have no way of knowing if it is authentic. All it takes is a reseller to slap logos and branded stickers on a machine. Would you be able to tell that it’s not authentic from a picture? Additionally, a reseller doesn’t carry legitimate manufacturer warranties or guarantees on used esthetician equipment. When you purchase a device straight from the manufacturer, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that the device is authentic, fully functional, and if any problems occur soon after the purchase, the manufacturer will assist you.

You don’t know what functional state the device is in.

Just because someone advertises a device using a catalog-quality photo, doesn’t mean that the device you receive will look brand new. And even if you receive a machine that looks brand new on the outside, you’ll never be sure that it hasn’t been tampered with on the inside. In fact, when you purchase from a third-party reseller, you won’t have a guarantee that the device even works according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s not uncommon for expensive internal components to be substituted with less pricey, but still functional, replacements. When you purchase from a manufacturer, they’ll show you the device in person and will allow you to watch a demonstration of it being used. This obviously can’t happen when you’re buying from a reseller online.

You don’t get the training necessary to use the device.

As you most likely know, medical aesthetics companies provide training for the businesses that purchase their devices. This training and education ensure that the device won’t be used improperly, that patients don’t get injured from the device, and that the device operators can effectively treat the patients with the device.

When you purchase a second-hand device, your team often won’t receive the training required to use the machine safely and to its full potential. Manufacturers can provide training instructions specifically tailored to the device you purchased. You also won’t have any access to the manufacturer’s customer support if you need help updating software or troubleshooting an issue.

It’s difficult to hire a repair person to service it.

These aesthetic devices are highly complex machines that require trained technicians to repair and maintain them. The only technicians who can properly service the devices are trained by the manufacturer and work directly with or for the manufacturer. You’ll find that only these certified technicians have access to replacement parts, know the intricacies of the technology, and understand the software.

There are exceptions, but in the case of some devices, the number of trained technicians not manufacturer-employed who know how to properly maintain or fix them can be counted on one hand.

If you hire a random repair expert, he or she would only be guessing the best way to clean, maintain, and repair the machine. This can easily result in further damage. The repair person also wouldn’t have access to specific replacement parts that are unique to the device. The only way that your device can be confidently and properly serviced is to buy your device straight from the manufacturer.

You’re vulnerable to lawsuits.

Should you purchase used esthetician equipment and the device malfunctions during treatment, you run the risk of being sued by your patient. Again, you have no way of knowing how to properly calibrate, clean, or perform regular maintenance on your second-hand device. This can leave the device incapacitated or cause it to physically harm your patient.

Keep in mind that even authentic equipment can lead to a malpractice suit. So, if you’re advertising that you offer treatments from a specific machine from a specific manufacturer, but you didn’t purchase the device from the manufacturer, you’re leaving the door open for lawsuits that can close your business forever.

Advantages to Buying New Devices From The Manufacturer

You can avoid all these problems by simply purchasing warrantied, new equipment from reputable manufacturers.

You know you’re buying an authentic device.

When you shop directly with a medical aesthetic company, there are several concerns you can cross off your list. You will be assured that the device you receive has been quality tested, contains all needed equipment, and gives you access to the manufacturer’s customer service department.

You get the necessary training for the device.

Learning how to use a device properly is one of the most important components of purchasing new medical aesthetic equipment. Manufacturers generally offer classes on how to properly configure their devices to treat specific skin problems. When you and your employees are instructed on the proper way to use a device, your patients will receive the best possible treatment for their specific skin type and cosmetic issues. This will lead to more return visitors, more positive online reviews, more word-of-mouth marketing, and increased revenue.

The manufacturer will service the device for you.

When you purchase a brand new device, you’ll be able to request adequate servicing and repair appointments through the manufacturer. These devices need preventative maintenance, software updates, repairs, and replacement parts, from time to time. A trained technician will be able to perform these tasks for you, protecting your investment.

The device comes with a warranty.

Buying new also has other perks, such as a warranty. Should your machine need any of the aforementioned repairs or servicing, you’ll refer to your warranty service to cover the costs. Be sure to shop for manufacturers that offer long warranties, as well as the option for an extension.

You have access to a support team to answer your questions.

Customer service is so important to the overall happiness of any customer-manufacturer relationship. After you purchase a new aesthetic device, the customer service department will be able to answer all of your questions, whether you’re having an issue working the device, wondering when it should be serviced, or need to schedule ongoing education.

Purchase From The Manufacturer

After reading the above, you can see why it is advisable to purchase directly from the manufacturer. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re buying what you intend to buy. Plus, you’ll receive training, ongoing customer service to troubleshoot, and warranty service.

There is one caveat. Some manufacturers refurbish some types of pre-owned devices and then sell them as “certified pre-owned” devices for a slightly lower cost than a brand new, never-owned device. When purchasing from a trustworthy manufacturer, this isn’t a problem. However, if you come across a reseller’s website (or any website other than the official manufacturer) offering pre-owned devices, steer clear!

When you’re making such a large investment, it’s crucial to make smart, careful financial decisions.

We can’t stress this enough: Always buy from the manufacturer.


Medicreations: A New, Ethical Approach to The Aesthetics Device Industry

It’s understandable that the low prices of used esthetician devices are tempting. But when you take into account all of the things that can go wrong (especially damage to patients and lawsuits), the reality is that buying a used esthetician device is almost never a good idea.

What makes Medicreations different:

  • We sell brand new, state-of-the-art medical aesthetic devices that are so affordable, they’re close to the same prices of our competitors’ used devices.
  • We are one of the few manufacturers to build our devices in the U.S. and our facility is FDA-audited.
  • Our medical-grade devices are some of the finest on the market and use cutting-edge technology.
  • To ensure that our customers offer the best skin treatments for their clients, we offer free education with every purchase.
  • We have a generous two-year warranty on all of our devices.
  • Our devices need fewer consumables than competitors.

Don’t Buy Used Esthetician Equipment – Buy Medicreations’ Affordable Aesthetic Devices

The safest option is to only purchase new devices from reputable manufacturers. While it’s tempting to save some money by purchasing used esthetician equipment, now you understand how dangerous of a decision that would be.

Medicreations has solved this dilemma by creating highly effective esthetician devices available at reasonable, affordable prices. We are committed to creating relationships with our customers that include ongoing customer service, a two-year comprehensive warranty for our devices, and educational opportunities. Please take a look at all of the cosmetic devices that we currently offer.

When you are ready, we are here to answer any and all of your questions!