The MediVent ICU

Advanced Mechanical Ventilation –
For Both Invasive And Non-Invasive Care.
Built In The U.S.A.

FDA-Authorized Under EUA – A Top-Grade Respirator
With Flexibility And Unparalleled Ease-Of-Use.

Utilizing one of the top respiratory modules available anywhere, the MediVent ICU is ready to help provide patients the critical care they need, with the right mix of automation and reliability.

A simple touchscreen interface lets professionals customize respiratory assistance, forgoing the usuals knobs and dials. The respirator has both invasive and non-invasive modes and can be employed for adult and pediatric care. Several traditionally manual settings are automatically calculated and inputted, like how tidal volume is automatically calculated based on patient body weight.

Additional functionality includes patient-monitoring, the ability to set alarms, and swappable filters. The MediVent is an advanced device that has been specially designed to be easy to learn and as user-friendly as possible.

“The best thing about the MediVent is that while the system is quite advanced, it is also incredibly easy to operate. Far more than any other ventilator I’ve used to date. It turns a traditionally very complicated procedure into a much simpler one.”

Dr. Johnathan Edwards, MD, Anesthesiologist

Reliability. Functionality. Portability.

Outside of function, nothing is more important in an ICU-grade ventilator than reliability. The MediVent ICU has it in spades.

An integrated backup battery can maintain equipment function in case of any sudden power failures.

The device can be set up to use a dedicated oxygen supply or even air from the environment.

Furthermore, the device utilizes a high performance turbine motor that can operate independently of the device software. That means it can continue to provide breathing assistance even in the unlikely event of a software crash.

The MediVent ICU was designed to be easy to transport and can be used with a trolley or hooked to a bed, depending on the situation.

Full 2-Year Warranty.

Get two years of total peace of mind, included with each device. We’ll fix any technical issues at no additional charge, or replace the device if we can’t. Simple.

Common-Sense Pricing.

We believe every transaction should be win-win. That means selling devices for what they’re actually worth, not what we can get away with. We are currently offering special pricing in these unusual circumstancing.

Always Made in Nevada.

Every device you order is built for you in the United States, right in our FDA-compliant facility in Las Vegas. We ensure at least 61% of components are sourced from American suppliers.

We Build Medical Devices Right In Our
FDA-Compliant Facility In Nevada.

Every device is made-to-order and hand crafted by our specialists. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a full clean room and is compliant with all relevant FDA protocols. Every device goes through multiple quality checks to ensure long-term equipment reliability.

We strive to ensure as many of our materials as possible are American-made. Amongst other things, this allows us full control over the supply chain, ensuring a certain grade of quality and speed of delivery.

If you’re ever in the area, we’d love to have you come in for a tour.

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