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Experience Is Only Half The Equation.

Why is it that two practitioners, using the same aesthetic device, can have drastically different results?

Mainly, because no one patient is identical to another. Their needs, skin, sensitivities – all of it contributes to the overall effect of a treatment. For many technologies, only a fully customized session is going to bring about the best of a device.

Only practitioners who know what treatments are suitable for what patients, what settings to use, and how to perform them can consistently achieve stunning results. 

Experience helps. Knowledge does the rest.


How does each

device work?


What does it actually

do to the body?


Who does it work 

best on, and why?

Only by answering these questions can practitioners ensure better, more predictable outcomes.
That’s why…

We Offer Training With Each Device Purchase (And More).

Of course, part of the reason is that we want the professionals who use our devices to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

That benefits them, their patients, and us in return.

In addition, we believe in helping practitioners fulfill their ethical responsibility to provide complete clarity to patients in terms of treatment possibilities and potential side effects. Only experts who fully understand how a device or energy actually affects the body can have the confidence to provide those details.

But we also love the science of medical and aesthetic technology and speak about it at every opportunity to whomever will listen. It’s why we do what we do.

Our goal as a company is not only to fully understand how today’s medical and aesthetic developments can be expressed through technology – but also how we can discover new principles to build devices that do the impossible.

We are thrilled and honored to share what we know through in-person classes, webinars, and trainings.

“It was fabulous. Amazing. They were very welcoming, very very informative and educational.

Our students have always been told by us at the Aveda Institute that learning is huge.

Learning, learning, learning. This type of advanced education is going to prepare them for their future. It’s inspiring, and we are absolutely grateful we were invited here to Medicreations.”

Bri, Esthiology Educator, Aveda Institute Las Vegas

Learn. Improve. Succeed.


We are happy to partner with interested parties to provide instruction. On the science behind aesthetic and medical treatment. On the devices themselves. Even on business.

Our academy in Las Vegas was specially built to provide a full learning experience with multiple displays and room to do live device demonstrations.

Whether you represent an institution, organization, or merely yourself – we’re open to discuss partnership opportunities.

So let’s talk.