Let's Fix Medical & Aesthetic Device Design.

If you’ve worked in the industry, you know the usual playbook. It goes like this.

Start by designing devices based on the most popular recent trend, science optional. Stuff as many non-reusable parts into the design along the way to crank up that recurring revenue. Finally, charge as much as you think you can get away with. Then add 50% on top.

If you believe these tactics are the mark of a broken system, you’re not alone.

Here's How We're Tearing Up the "Way It's Always Been"

Complete Two-Year Warranty.

We’ll fix or replace any device we sell for a period of two years at our expense if there’s any technical issue. That’s twice the length of most other manufacturers. No extra fees, no fine print, just peace of mind.

Less Consumables. More Reusable.

We design devices with minimum upkeep, maximum effectiveness. Anything that can be reusable is. Make more from your hard work.

No Compromise With Efficacy.

Dollar-for-effect, you will not find a better value than a Medicreations medical-grade device. Our complete control over the supply chain ensures we can deliver the highest quality devices, affordably.

3 Questions We Ask Before We Send Anything Out the Door

If the answer to ANY of them is a no, we don’t recommend our products. Selling you a device that isn’t a perfect fit wouldn’t only be unfair to you.

It’d be completely against why we started Medicreations.

In the end, the question you should ask is simple.


Based on the level of medical expertise in your practice, can you operate the device to its fullest potential?

Is the methodology behind the science clear enough that you understand what each device really does and who it works best for?

Given your target market and circumstances, is that device one of the very best investments you can make?

Will A Medicreations Device Take Your Practice To The Next Level?

We’ll help you find out. Click the button below and we’ll do our best to figure out how to create a paradigm shift in your practice. For the vast majority of health and aesthetic care professionals, it’s well worth the time to consider our lineup.

Help us turn the page on medical and aesthetic care design – talk to us today.