Our Response To The COVID-19 Outbreak.

The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has triggered a global shortage in life-saving ventilator devices of all kinds.

Our team of scientists, engineers and medical professionals is working around the clock to begin production of ICU-grade mechanical ventilators to help with the local (and global) shortage. Here, in our FDA-compliant facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This might seem like a shift, but…

Medicreations Is Well-Positioned To Help, Which Means We Have An Obligation To Help.

We make medical devices.

That means...

We have the know-how.

Our team of experts understand exactly what needs to happen to build effectual and utterly reliable medical devices that perform to their fullest in sensitive clinical settings.

We have the FDA-compliant facility and tools.

Our facility already accommodates a rigorous quality-checking protocol with extraordinary sanitary measures, complete with a full clean room.

We have the designs.

We’re not hobbling together a ventilator from scratch – but utilizing tried and true designs. We have top-of-the-line invasive and non-invasive ventilators rated for ICU care, necessary for sensitive cases.

In addition, our medical supply chain is operating smoothly and can deliver us the needed components to ensure quality standards are kept up to their highest possible levels.

This Is Important.

People are important, and we have the skill, expertise, and capability to do something.

As of March 2020, experts predict the world needs millions of more devices to fight COVID-19. The numbers for the United States alone? 


That’s why we’ll be expanding our medical division to include the ventilators and other medical devices needed to help address this crisis, both in the short and long term. It’s why we’re continuing to talk with government agencies on how we can do our part to address the current COVID-19 crisis and future acute respiratory epidemics that may arise.

Our focus has always been on providing top-quality devices for medical and aesthetic professionals that do great things for their patients.

We are both thankful to be in a position to contribute and hopeful that we can do so meaningfully.

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