Which Medicreations Facial Rejuvenation Device Should You Purchase?

The number of facial rejuvenation machine manufacturers benefits professionals looking for a quality device. However, it’s daunting creates a daunting task for you to decide which manufacturer to consider and which device would best serve your team and your clients. There are so many different devices with different features and different levels of efficacy. It’s a tough decision.You have a tough decision on your hands.

Medicreations has developed some of the leading aesthetic device on the market, coupled with affordable prices. Our devices give professionals the tools to smooth outhelp clients diminish fine lines, treatand, treat acne, andwhile boosting  blood circulation and collagen production. In essence, we help you to further your vocation of delivering high-quality skin care to your clients. Our wide range of facial rejuvenation machines enable deliver tthe results your clients are looking for, making itwhile also being a sound investment for your business.

Which Medicreations facial rejuvenation device would be a good fitis right for your business? This blog post will help you find the answer.


The MediSpa is a revolutionary seven-in-one device that delivers a gentle, yet thorough exfoliation and cleansing. This device has been designed to be intuitive, lightweight, and easy to use for the professional esthetician. Best of all – no downtime.Your client will be pleased to not have any downtime after receiving this effective treatment. 


This anti-aging device utilizes state-of-the-art modern  technologies for rejuvenating and exfoliating the skin. It utilizes multiplemechanical exfoliants, radio frequency, oxygenation, and microcurrent technology. Combined together, these treatments improve collagen and elastin production, even out rough surfaces and fine lines, and create a uniform skin tone. It’s an anti-aging powerhouse.


The MediSpa device is a seven-in-one technology. What this means is that a trained esthetician can address a patient’s skin concerns withutilizing  seven types of high-efficacyeffective treatments using just this one facial rejuvenation machine.

Many of today’s aesthetic procedures work by using the natural regenerativehealing properties of our skin. These devices, in the hands of a trained technician, can trigger these processes by sending energyproduce controlled damage into differentthe deep layers of the skin tissue or the skin’s surface. The skin tissue then begins to heal itself as cells are triggered into action. When skin cells are stimulatedencouraged to produce more collagen, skin tightens and plumpsn becomes more plump and tight, evening out fine lines and imperfections. Plus, there are more treatments to be had using the MediSpa cleansing facial.

  • Massage-like exfoliationMassaging of the facial muscles  encourages blood circulation and brightens the skinhelps to contour the face
  • Two oxygen treatments work together Oxygenation and microcurrent technology both provide the skin tissue with more oxygen, hydrating and clearing the surfacewhich has several benefits, including the treatment of acne through the elimination of bacteria
  • Hot and cold therapies help the skin to absorb topical treatments or reduce inflammation and tighten skin, respectively

Special Features

We have developed this highly effective device to utilize the best of modern esthetic technologies -and your client will see results after just one treatment. However, what makes this device special is that each tool is meant to compliment the next. It’sIt will allow you to give your clients every type of anti-aging and skin tightening treatment your clientsthey  desire in one device. We’reRather than having to spend your money on two or three expensive systems, Medicreations is proud to offer this seven-in-one professional facial rejuvenation device to the med spa industry at a top-of-industry value.more affordable price than competitors.

Device Operator

This device can be used by any licensed technician, esthetician, or medical professional. We include training with all our devices.offer free training for all our devices.


After the first treatment, your clients will notice changes on their face thanks to that boostsee a dramatic change in elasticity and collagen production, with a reduction in blemishes and fine lines. The resultsThe skin rejuvenation improves through regular treatments, so clients are motivated to return (it’s incredibly relaxing too).

Patient Recovery

This is a completely non-invasive, facial rejuvenation device. This means no recovery time needed.clients will not have any significant recovery time after treatment.

Optimal Patient Type For This Facial Rejuvenation device

The MediSpa is designed to be useful to pretty much everyonea diverse population of clients. This is a treatment option suitable for and safe for everyone and all skin types. Since this is such a dynamic facial rejuvenation machine, you’ll be able to market this device to your current clients, while also attracting new clients. This is a superb facial rejuvenation machine to offer to those first-time clients… and an excellent add-on service for other treatments.

2021 Price: $24,500.00

Facilities Best Suited For This Facial Rejuvenation Device

Again, the MediSpa delivers such an effective, relaxing anti-aging experience that, any modern med spa, dermatologist office, or cosmetic surgery center would benefit from adding this to their business. Because this device is so adaptable and  intuitively simple to use and simple to maneuver, it is a wonderful first purchase for a brand new med spa.


Everyone knows that IPL photofacials are powerful treatmentstools that achieve amazing results. When your clients ask for quick and effective anti-aging procedures that still require little to no recovery time, the MediLight is the technology to offerwill be the technology you offer to them.


The MediLight is an IPL skin rejuvenationresurfacing device that comes with all modalities unlocked (no add-ons).everything needed for all modalitiesall possible treatmentstypes of treatments it can provide (no add-ons). This IPL photofacial machine will reduces the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and other skin discolorations. It leaves clients with a enviably smooth and, clear skinfacial surface. It can also ’s also capable of removeing hair, can clear acne, and boost collagen production to rejuvenate skin.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)  photofacial technology has been available for several decades. This type of device utilizes multiple wavelengths of light to break up melanin in the skin, dispersing it, and removing any sunspots or discoloration.

Special Features

The MediLight builds on all the scientific knowledge gained in the decades of IPL treatmentsphotofacials. Older devices can reach dangerously hot temperatures during treatment, greatly affecting treatment speed and efficacybecome too hot and could burn the skin. Our system breaks up every pulse into tinier nanopulses, producing less heat buildup in non-targeted areasuses powerful, rapidly flashing light (Photon Pulse Train technology), so that the MediLight only needs to pass over an area once for effective treatment. This saves time and causes less damage to the skin. That means less risk of burning, and one-pass treatment. Further, each treatmentpulse of the light can be customized to the patient and their needs. We offer free training for all professionals using the MediLightthis device so that they can perform custom IPL photofacials. We know how expensive the upkeep for traditional devices can be, so we’ve designed the MediLight to use a replaceable filter system that reduces bulb burnout, saving you money on the inevitable replacement fees.

Devices Operator

This device is suitable for use by licensed technicians, estheticians, and doctors. We recommend our in-person or virtual training sessionsfree training to everyone who will be using the MediLight.this device. 


In addition to other possible treatment results, cClients will see a dramatic improvement in sunspots, acne, fine lines, and an increase in collagen production. 

Patient Recovery

This is a non-invasive treatment and the patient should feel little to no discomfort. Although this varies from person to person, clients will have some redness for two to five days after the procedure is completed. 

Optimal Patient Type For This Facial Rejuvenation Device

This type of device is suitable for people with lighter skin tones. The purpose of this technology is to displace melanin pigment in the skin, which means those with. People who have darker skin tones may not have favorable results from this type of treatment. 

2021 Price: $46,500.00

Facilities Best Suited For This Facial Rejuvenation Device

The MediLight would be suitable for any skin rejuvenation med spa or dermatologist office, especially newly opened offices or med spas, because IPLs are the “swiss army knives” of the practice.can do so many different treatments.


One of our most powerful facial rejuvenation devices, the MediCO, is a true favorite of physicianswill become a favorite treatment  at your practice. One of the few anti-aging machinesThis anti-aging machine is powerful enough for full facial resurfacing, a treatment can drastically  while improveing the overall texture and elasticity of the skin by a stunning degree..


When your client desires a powerful anti-aging procedure, look no further than the MediCO CO2 laser. This professional  medical-grade CO2 laser, when used by a properly trained physician, can erase the signs of aging. Sunspots, both fine and deep lines, scars, discolored skin, and wrinkles can all be treateddiminished with treatment. The MediCO allows for the practitioner to be fully in control of every sessionthe laser, with complete treatment customizationallowing for complete customization of treatment. 


[Image from 7th page in brochure]

CO2 lasers work by taking advantage ofutilizing the natural healing activity of the bodyskin cells. By utilizing high-intensity energy to vaporize targeted skin cellscarefully controlling the damage, a practitioner can  activate this process and trigger increasedskin cells to produce collagen and elastin, as well as trigger the skin to produce healthy new layers. This works to clear the skin of scarring, sunspots, and other imperfections. It will takes away years of damage to the skin and gives  your clients a renewed skin a refreshed and even skin surface. 

Special Features

We have refinedrevolutionized the CO2 laser facial rejuvenation treatment to an incredible degree. The MediCO boasts 30 watts of power compared to the 20 watts seen in most comparable devices on the market today. While a more powerful laser is enviable, the MediCOo interface allows for complete customization of treatment by a trained and licensed physician. The device’s air cooling feature keeps it whisper-quiet. There are settings for fractionated or non-fractionated light, as well as an adjustablecustomizable surface area. The scan pattern can also be programmed to decrease or increase the power of the treatment. These adjustments ensure that the treatment is customizable. All this means youYou can achieve perfect results for each individual client based on their needs.

Along with customizable settings, we have also engineeredcrafted the MediCO to be thea favored tool of medical professionals and business owners. Most CO2 lasers utilize glass containers for the CO2. OBut our device instead uses stainless steel canisters,. We did this to givinge the laser a more controlled, stable light output. The secondary bonus to owners is that the CO2 doesn’t have to be refilled for 10-12 years. Finally, the laser arm is simple to maneuver. Many devices of this magnitude are unwieldy and difficult to position properly lift. Physicians are alwaysoften pleasantly surprised at the ease of use of the MediCO compared to other CO2 laser systems.

Devices Operator

The MediCO is a highly advanced medical-grade device and must be operated by a trained physician.


After a few weeksbit of downtime, the skin will appear almost like-newbe completely resurfaced. Clients have reported looking a full 10 years younger. Stubborn scars are gone, as are discolored areas, and deep wrinkles.   

Patient Recovery

EAgain, everyone reacts  person will react to a CO2 laser treatment differently. There will be significant some time needed for recovery time from this procedure. Typically, a person needs anywhere from twothree days to three weeks to fully recover. 

Optimal Patient Type For This Facial Rejuvenation Machine

This device is perfect for mature skin and will help to erase years of environmental and sun damage. Younger skin  faces can also benefit from the removal of scars or other blemishes. This device is safe for most, but as with any resurfacing laser, physicians must make a case-by-case evaluation of the suitability of treatment.everyone because the treatment is totally customizable to each client. 

2021 Price: $63,500.00

Facilities Best Suited For This Facial Rejuvenation Machine

This device is perfect for dermatology offices and plastic surgery practices.

MediRaf Microneedling Treatments

Another option for facial rejuvenation devices is a microneedling device, which uses radiofrequency (RF) to tighten skin. Patients typically need to have several treatments to achieve the best results. However, this is a non-invasive treatment with little to no recovery time needed and is a frequent request from patients. Medicreations does carry a microneedling options,device, so please contact us if you’d like more informationcontact us if you’d like more information about it.

Medicreations Facial Rejuvenation Machine FAQs

We receive a boatload ofmany questions about our facial rejuvenation machines, which we are always happy to answer. Here are a few (with our replies). of the most frequent questions we receive. 

Do You Have Financing Options?

Yes, wWe work with several partners that offer financing options for our customers. 

What Type of Warranty Do You Provide?

We offer a two-year technical warranty with a purchase of any of our devices. During this warranty period, should your device stop working or work suboptimallyincur damage due to a technical defect, we will fix it. Our service center manufacturing is located within the United States and we can connect you to our team of engineers and technicians. In the event that the device cannot be repaired, we’ll  will replace it without any additional charge. 

Do You Offer Complementary Training?

We absolutely offer free professional trainingfree professional instructions on the best way to use our devices with the purchase of any piece of equipment. Once a purchase is complete, we will schedule you and your team for comprehensive education on the science of aesthetic technology and how to best utilize the device purchased  for optimal patient results.

Where Are Your Devices Built?

Although there are several American companies that sell these types of devices, most facial rejuvenation machines are manufactured outside of the country. Medicreations has committed to keeping our manufacturing location solidly within the United States. Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Facial Rejuvenation Machines

We know that we offer some of the finest skin rejuvenation devices on the market today. Our pricing is competitive with a generous warrantyWe also offer competitive pricing, as well as a generous warranty. Aesthetic education is a passion of ours, and we love to share that knowledge with our customers. It is our goal to build a relationship with those practices that invest in one of our devices. We hope that you consider joining the many other med spas and doctor offices that have use purchased a Medicreations skin rejuvenation device every day..